The 2nd edition of the rock-metal festival ROCK CASTLE is already the past now, but you will surely take the memories and feelings from it home with you, and despite yesterday's bad weather, they will warm you up, give you strength and a good mood for a long time. Yesterday, death metallers KRISIUN, German alternative rock icon GUANO APES with the energetic Sandra Nasic in front, and the final fantastic folk-rock surprise of the festival, the band FEUERSCHWANZ, took care of a stylish evening around the castle yesterday, which brought the ROCK CASTLE 2022 festival program to a super great end. Who managed to stayed at the festival until its end is the winner, because you left the festival ground with a genuine smile on face for a good night.

Take a look at a small photo report from last night.

Thanks metalheads, have a safe trip home and nice Sunday.