...2023 festival!

ROCK CASTLE 2023 - castle park, MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV – 17th – 19th of August 2023

The world of power-metal scene wouldn't be complete without this band...for more than 20 years the guys from DRAGONHAMMER have been delivering their original musical pieces and entertaining the audience with their extraordinary shows! Last year it didn't come to the festival due to unexpected logistical reasons, so this year they are repaying their debt to the fans and confirming their 110% participation in the 3rd ROCK CASTLE 2023 in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV in mid-August!

Last week, DRAGONHAMMER released a new record called "Second Life" and successfully opened a new chapter of their work. Stronger, more epic and technically as noble as it was in the past. Expect insane guitar riffs, bombastic symphonic accompaniment and epic battle chants. Their next and quite possibly their very best power-metal soundtrack to date is here! Look forward to grandiose power-anthems, lightning-fast guitars, keyboard solos, strong vocals and crushing drums. Epic-Power metal, as it should be, the new and great DRAGONHAMMER will pleasantly surprise you all in the castle park in "Krumlov"!

Festival tickets, at a great price, valid until the end of November or until this issue of tickets is sold out, campsites and parking are on sale! For now, you can only order at this website!