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CHRIS BAY, frontman of FREDOM CALL, is coming to the ROCK CASTLE festival with his solo project!

It’s a well-known predicament that the Freedom Call founder and frontman CHRIS BAY shares with many other composers: occasionally, his wealth of inspiration goes beyond the stylistic and thematic scope of his own band. “I permanently write songs and am constantly working on ideas in the studio,” he explains. “That’s why I’ve collected a whole lot of tracks over the years that on the one hand don’t really suit Freedom Call and on the other are just too good to gather dust in my archi...

SABATON, headliner of the ROCK CASTLE festival, released Full Experience video

..."The Art Of War"!

Tt's been more than 13 years since SABATON set sail to pursue a way that significantly shaped their career as one of the most successful and popular Swedish heavy metal exports.

On May 30th, 2008, the band from Falun released their fourth studio album "The Art Of War" - an album made of thirteen tracks, inspired by the thirteen chapters on Sun Tzu's book "Art Of War”. It was SABATON's first concept album to that date.

Celebrating the ma...