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The medieval folk-metal band FEUERSCHWANZ is getting ready for the ROCK CASTLE 2022 festival!

The old walls of the castle in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV will have something like a déjà vu… music of the ancient Middle Ages, spiced with metal energy, lyrics from the past about great and heroic deeds, about many battles, about brave knights and their ladies … all with a sense of humor, and most importantly for fun, that is the German folk-metal band FEUERSCHWANZ. Their tireless, hard work, ten studio albums, three live albums and countless live performances have brought them to the very top of Germ...

KISSIN´DYNAMITE, one of stars of the ROCK CASTLE 2022 festival, are releasing

...a new album today! The big streaming release show is taking place tomorrow!

Unfortunately, the worldwide pandemic is still going on, and pandemic laws and restrictions are crossing plans of KISSIN´DYNAMITE, their carefully planned tour to present their brand new album "Not The End Of The Road", which is coming out today! But all this brought one good thing. Instead of several planned premiere concerts in Germany, the band will play a gigantic STREAMING RELEASE SHOW, which can ...