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The ROCK CASTLE 2022 festival confirms another star! ERIC MARTIN - The vioce of MR.BIG!

ERIC MARTIN, the legendary American rock singer, who managed to sell more than 7 million records with his band MR.BIG and his hits such as "Just take my heart", "To be with you" or the cover of the song "Wild world", knows everybody.

Last years we are used to see and hear ERIC MARTIN in Tobias Sammet's metal opera AVANTASIA. He became an integral part of it and the greatest vocal support. He participated in the albums “The mystery of time” (2013), “Ghostlight...

FIREWIND another confirmed band of the ROCK CASTLE 2022!

The new 3-day international rock-metal festival ROCK CASTLE in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV has had its very successful premiere. The 2nd edition of the festival, ROCK CASTLE 2022, will take place in the same place, ie in the beautiful Chateau gardens near the newly reconstructed castle in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV, on 18th – 20th of August 2022 and even knows its main headliner! It is the world-famous metal opera of Tobiass Sammet, AVANTASIA, which will present its "The Best Of Show" and will play also some bran...