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1. Festival pass

  1 900 CZK/3 days

 950 /day

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Price valid until 31.08.2022 or end of limited package

2. Campsite

from 325 CZK/person

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400 CZK/car

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The first day of the ROCK CASTLE 2022 festival is here. We are sending a short photo report

...from this afternoon.

It´s a blast today… first of all, it was hot, which the festival visitors managed thanks to the tall, majestic trees and their shade, and then a storm came, due to which the entire festival area was finally evacuated. At the end, however, the program of the festival was moved by only one hour and everything started again, only in a fresher atmosphere. It's an experience my friends. Thanks for being here and enjoying it! We are sending some photos of the bands tha...

ATTENTION visitors of the ROCK CASTLE festival! Rooms in the guesthouse U Brázdů Ivančice are available!

There are newly available 2 double and 2 quadruple rooms, so if you prefer comfort, call for more information on tel: + 420 777 172 763.

More info >>HERE<<