The new 3-day international rock-metal festival ROCK CASTLE in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV has had its very successful premiere. The 2nd edition of the festival, ROCK CASTLE 2022, will take place in the same place, ie in the beautiful Chateau gardens near the newly reconstructed castle in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV, on 18th – 20th of August 2022 and even knows its main headliner! It is the world-famous metal opera of Tobiass Sammet, AVANTASIA, which will present its "The Best Of Show" and will play also some brand new songs!

Other great bands confirmed so far are: GUANO APES, SEPTICFLESH, ARKONA, KRISIUN, AMALGAMA, RHEMORHA, NEVER OPENED DOORS. Today we can include to the list another great, Greek power-metal band - FIREWIND!

Each time FIREWIND released an album over the last 20 years, it wasn’t just the brilliancy of exceptional guitarist Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne, Arch Enemy, Dream Evil) that fans were in awe of, but also the skills of every one of the band’s vocalists. Fantastic riffs, hooks and solos by the gifted hands of guitarist Gus aside, it’s the great vocal melody – an integral part of every Firewind song – that’s causing a stir. In that respect nothing has changed in their newest album, simply titled „Firewind“ (2020). However, the band underwent major personnel changes. Guitarist and keyboardist Bob Katsionis left the band, as well as singer Henning Bass. With his charismatic voice, a new member, Herbie Langhans (including Avantasia, Radiant, Seventh Avenue), is now perfecting each of the ten new songs and pouring expressive and truly remarkable power into them. “With Herbie I feel like we’re doing a relaunch of the original Firewind cast, because his singing style bears a certain resemblance to that of Stephen Fredrick, our first vocalist,” comments Gus. “I’m proud and happy that we can continue with the tradition of great Firewind vocalists thanks to Herbie. The new album is an exciting and fashionable mix of Hard Rock and Power Metal. These songs are fresh but tough and melodious at the same time. In my opinion the record sounds exactly as a band in our genre is supposed to in the year 2020.“ comments GUS.  

At ROCK CASTLE 2022, a fresh shower of perfect power-metal songs awaits us with FIREWIND! Be in the front row, there expect the strongest dose of refreshment!

Festival tickets, camps and parking at super introductory prices are on sale!

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