...ROCK CASTLE 2023 festival!

ROCK CASTLE 2023 - castle park, MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV – 17th – 19th of August 2023

One of the most prominent figures in metal history and today, master Udo Dirkschneider returns to the scene of the crime! At the 1st edition of the ROCK CASTLE 2021 festival, he supported, in a very difficult time, live performances, and arrived in "Krumlov" with his band DIRKSCHNEIDER. This time, for the 3rd edition of this beautiful festival, which takes place in the castle park in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV, he brings his band U.D.O.!

U.D.O. are on the road in Europe and tirelessly, very actively and, it must be said, very successfully present their current record "Game Over"! All 3 concerts they played here in the Czech Republic were sold out, so an invitation to the festival - ROCK CASTLE 2023 is quite appropriate! UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER is simply an original. He has been fighting in the field of metal for more than 40 years, and with his strong, unmistakable voice, he infuses his songs with a uniqueness that remains in the listeners forever. He is a true metal hard worker and always delivers an absolutely top live show! His famous band U.D.O., consists his son and drummer Sven Dirkschneider, bassist Tilen Hudrap and guitarists Andrey Smirnov and Fabian Dee Dammers, a band that never gets tired and always manages to create a spark, if not fireworks of happiness, joy and metal pride in the hearts of all true metalheads. Another fantastic and energetic show awaits you at ROCK CASTLE 2023! The only thing left is to buy a ticket as soon as possible. The price is introductory and therefore still very favorable!

Tickets, campsites and parking are still available exclusively at this website!