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ROCK CASTLE 2023 – castle park, MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV – 17th – 19th of August 2023

The youngest member of our festival family, the international rock-metal festival ROCK CASTLE 2023 will take place next year on August 17th -19th, 2023 again in a wonderful and pleasant park by the newly reconstructed castle in the picturesque town of MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV. Today is for the festival "D" day as it introduces the first confirmed bands for next year and opens ticket sales!

The first confirmed bands for the ROCK CASTE 2023 festival are:
Swedish-Danish modern metal visionaries and one of the most successful bands of recent times, led by the spontaneous singer Elize Ryd. Yes, look forward to AMARANTHE and their latest musical gems! Another band is from Austria, belongs to the symphonic-metal ranks, and they just finished their big and very successful tour. It's VISIONS OF ATLANTIS! We continue with the Swedish progressive-metal band that released an electrifying new record this year "A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)" - EVERGREY! We will also welcome the popular Brazilian wild women NERVOSA, the international hard and heavy band SERIOUS BLACK with their new album "Vengeance Is Mine". The castle walls will be the perfect backdrop for a show by the Swedish symphonic-power metal knights TWILIGHT FORCE. The Vikings SKÁLMÖLD will come to cool you down from Iceland and give you the old heroic Nordic sagas in their energetic way. Unstoppable thrash-death metal aggression from Belgium's EVIL INVADERS will b ethere too, andexpect a blow of fresh sea air from Swedish folk-metal pirates YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS!

We are working on the confirmation of many other bands and will serve them to you gradually.

One thing is most important now! Ticket! From now on, you can buy your ROCK CASTLE 2023 festival ticket at the best price ever! This super introductory price will only be valid until the end of October, that is, until next Monday, or until this first issue of tickets is sold out! Camping and parking spaces are also in sale now!
For now, everything is exclusively available only in Pragokoncert e-shops, at this website only!

Hopefully you have something left over from your salary and you can order tickets to make next festival summer again great and amusing!