ROCK CASTLE 2023 - castle park, MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV – 17th – 19th of August 2023

Ancient stories told with the help of catchy melodies on the waves of symphonic-metal, that's the Austrian band SERENITY, which will come this August to the ROCK CASTLE festival, to the castle park in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV, to present their brand new album!

SERENITY continues to evolve while maintaining its roots. Their new album 'The Last Knight' is inspired by the life of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, and will go out next week! This album is an absolute must for any metal fan! With "The Last Knight", will SERENITY fill the world with thrilling stories from a time long gone, plus an unprecedented spectrum of sounds that will inspire fans to listen it again and again. For years, the band has been a prime example of epic, symphonic, melodic metal that catches hearts. Be a part of this their great journey! SERENITY and their historical stories told in the castle park, right under the walls of the ancient castle of MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV, it will be wonderful! Just be there!

Festival tickets, at a great price, valid only until the end of January, camping and parking can be ordered at this website. Tickets are also on sale at Ticketportal, Ticketmaster and Ticketstream.