U.D.O. live in August 2023 at the ROCK CASTLE 2023 festival!

Udo and Sven Dirkschneider have finished, with their band U.D.O., a highly successful, sold-out "trio" here in the Czech Republic! Their energetic concerts as part of the "Game Over Europe tour 2022" were a real musical experience, and the band U.D.O. then promised to come back to us in the summer! In the middle of August (17th -19th of August 2023), to MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV, to the castle park for the 3rd edition of the international rock-metal festival ROCK CASTLE!

The legendary metal singer Udo Dirkschneider has been performing with his son since 2015, when Sven sat down at the drum kit of the band U.D.O. As they both admitted, they are more friends than father and son... you can watch the whole interview.
Today evening at 19:00 you will hear it on Radio Čas Rock and in prime time, at 20:00 it will be broadcast by TV Rebel!

The legendary U.D.O. will play here again in the summer, at the ROCK CASTLE 2023 festival! Tickets for it, at a great price, valid only until the end of November, parking and camping can be ordered at this website!