ROCK CASTLE 2023 - castle park, MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV – 17th – 19th of August 2023

The ancient walls of the newly reconstructed castle in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV will undergo a real test in mid-August next year. The 3rd edition of the international rock-metal festival ROCK CASTLE 2023 confirms one metal gem after another, and the castle park, where the festival takes place, will be very busy indeed. One of the new stars added to the list of confirmed bands is the melodic-metal quintet from Sweden - DYNAZTY!

The Swedes didn't conquer this castle in the 30's war, but this this Swedish power five of modern melodics could! With their latest album, the eighth one, "Final Advent" (2022), they will arrive at the “Krumlov” Castle, in the castle park, to conquer your metal hearts! Melodic power-metal with a touch of disco is never enough, it always brings a good mood and energy, and in this case it's delivered really masterfully and with ease. DYNAZTY are currently in their prime. The album "Final Advent" was officially released this year, at the end of August, and it is, in one word, great. Led by the iconic voice of Nils Molin, and behind him, guitarists Rob Magnusson and Mike Lavér also perform incredible stunts. With DYNAZTY, a fresh, pleasant northern wind will blow in "Krumlov" and refresh and make your metal souls dance...look forward!

Festival tickets, campsites and parking are still on sale exclusively at this website only!