ROCK CASTLE 2024 – castle park, MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV – 15th – 17th of August 2024

The list of bands for the 4th edition of the international rock-metal festival ROCK CASTLE 2024, which takes place in the pleasant castle park in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV in mid-August, is being filled. Today, two more new, dark names jump into it. Greek symphonic-black-death metal band DRAMA NOIR and French death-metal band REDSPHERE.

DRAMA NOIR - after two years, symphonic black-death metal from Greece will be heard again at the old castle walls in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV! This time performed by friends of the more famous SEPTICFLESH, the band DRAMA NOIR! The band is proud of their new, already third album, released last year, entitled "NIghtfall Upon The Asylum", so don't miss this darkly dramatic hour at ROCK CASTLE 2024!

REDSPHERE – brings its perfect blend of brutality, emotion and groove. Their work draws attention to the real problems of today's society. Inspired by George Orwell's book "1984", they warn against servility and control, which leads to an inevitable downfall. REDSPHERE are loudly sounding the alarm and in their unique way urging all listeners to wake up and extricate themselves from this hellish spiral.

Metal and its legacy takes many forms. At ROCK CASTLE 2024 you will also see and hear it in many colors and shades, even darker ones! Be there!

Festival tickets, at a great price, valid until the end of January, camps and parking can be ordered exclusively at this website.