... the release of a new record!

ROCK CASTLE 2024 – castle park, MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV – 15th – 17th of August 2024

Finnish folk metal superstars KORPIKLAANI have announced the release date for their upcoming new studio album titled "Rankarumpu". It will be released on April 5th and will be followed by an extensive world tour, during the summer part of which they will also visit MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV and the 4th edition of the ROCK CASTLE 2024 festival!

Even this, the twelfth studio album of KORPIKLAANI, again offers a strong dose of tasty folk metal in many different flavors, using new musical spices. Perhaps the old gods of happy music have decided to bless their own sons with some new miraculous extracts…

"Whenever I start writing something new, the material always finds its own path without any forcing - that stuff just comes from somewhere deep inside me, completely naturally", states Jonne Järvelä. "Anyway, when I started to come up with the material for Rankarumpu, I set myself a goal. A couple of previous records, especially Kulkija (2018), were a bit slower as a whole, so this time I wanted to benefit from a bit faster tempos - a bit like the old Korpiklaani."

And that's exactly what the "Rankarumpu" record is. Of course, KORPIKLAANI occasionally slows down and pours out some of the emotion, but for the most part, "Rankarumpu" as a whole is probably the band's catchiest album to date, and it's hurtling forward at a really fast pace. One of the most amazing features of the new album has to do with the folk instruments. Although KORPIKLAANI have done one or maybe several memorable things in the field of folk metal, this time Olli Vänskä's violin and Sami Perttula's accordion may surprise even die-hard fans.

Let yourself be surprised too! Brand new KORPIKLAANI, in the middle of August, at the 4th ROCK CASTLE festival in the castle park in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV! It will be fun! Have you got your tickets yet?

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