ROCK CASTLE 2024 – 15th – 17th of August 2024, castle park, MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV

"Rankarumpu" is out! Finnish folk-metal forest clan KORPIKLAANI has just released another new album to the world today! We will see how it will do in the world, but it is certain that here in the Czech Republic we will see and hear it already in the middle of August, at the 4th international rock-metal festival ROCK CASTLE 2024 in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV!
Have you been malting the birth of this new album of the favorite KORPIKLAANI with individual singles? We are sending a single with a video 'Oraakkelit', the third of them, which was successfully tuned to the new record.

KORPIKLAANI's twelfth studio album is once again full of tasty folk metal full of new flavors in the form of folk instruments. Although KORPIKLAANI have done one or maybe several memorable things in the field of folk metal, this time Olli Vänskä's violin and Sami Perttula's accordion may surprise even die-hard fans.
'Oraakkelit' shows a darker, more serious side of KORPIKLAANI and is a nice contrast to the happier and more upbeat previous singles 'Saunaan' and 'Aita'. The mood of the song was perfectly captured by the mystical and visually stunning video directed by Vesa Ranta.

Singer Jonne commented: "I had never actually written a shuffle based song before and I wanted to try to write such a riff and see how it would work in metal music. Normally it is used a lot in old blues and rock’n’roll music. I was suprised how cool it went and then I thought: what if all the gods all over the world would have a big rock’n'roll dancing party together underground. The idea made me laugh, so I decided to use it!"
Drummer Samuli commented: ”When I heard the first demo I was really excited. This is something very different! I felt there could be a cool shuffle feeling to the rhythm and I started to explored it. There is a great atmosphere in the song. First it lurks enigmatically but then it starts to rock! Drumwise you can use lots of dynamics. It will be a fun live song!”

Listen to the new album of "Korpi", then let your voices be heard a lot at ROCK CASTLE in the castle park!

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